Managed Internet Security: Could this be the right option for you?

Managed Internet Security is a popular option for many businesses and it can be surprisingly affordable.

Nearly all businesses have an Internet connection. The Internet connection is essential for almost all businesses today. However, it can also expose your business and make it vulnerable to hackers, viruses, internet theft, and inappropriate internet use from insiders. You need to take measures to secure your firm’s information security. Many small and medium-sized businesses lack the resources and technical expertise to secure their information. A solution that manages internet security for them will be outsourcing their security needs to a specialist company. Visit this link

The rise of managed Internet security is a natural extension to the outsourcing of business processes, which has been known for years. It includes the outsourcing or finance, payroll, and training functions. This is a relatively recent development and it does not enjoy the same prominence as other outsourced business functions. This is unfortunate because managed Internet security can form an integral part of a firm’s information risk management strategy.

It is possible to outsource computer security for an organisation in many areas, including the core components.

Monthly web app scanning services: Regular security scanning of web applications can help identify vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited. A manual review by an expert tester is a good complement to the automated scan. The automated scanner will not give you all possible information.

Monthly network vulnerability assessment: This monthly scan can identify problems before hackers discover them and can help correct them. This scan can be used in conjunction with the less frequent full penetration tests.